Frequently Asked Questions

What if we cannot arrive between 3pm & 6pm?

If you cannot arrive during this time, you’ll need to contact the Lodge on San Julian Creek and make arrangements for your arrival.

How far are you from Bandera?

The Lodge is located just 2 miles south of Bandera on State Highway 173 South.

Do you have parking for 5th wheels & motor homes?

We do not allow parking of RV’s at the Lodge.

How many people can each room accommodate?

Maximum occupancy in a guest room is 4 persons.

Do you have individual cabins?

We have 4 cottages each with two guest rooms. Each guest room has a private entrance and bath.

How can I find out about hunting?

Please call the Lodge and we will put you in contact with our Wildlife Biologist.

Do you serve breakfast? Is it included in the room rate?

Yes, as part of our room rate we serve breakfast usually around 9:30 AM.

Do you serve lunch or dinner?

No, we do not provide lunch or dinner. There are a number of restaurants in and around Bandera.

Do you have ADA Accessible Accommodations?

Yes, we have two guest rooms that are ADA accessible.

Do you have internet access?

We have wireless internet service available in the main Lodge. We’re in the country so internet speed isn’t great.

Can I stop by and see your facilities?

Yes, please call the Lodge & make arrangements to view our facilities.

Do you have horseback riding available?

We do not offer horseback rides but riding is available at several places in & around Bandera. See the Bandera Convention and Visitors website for more information.

Do you have a swimming pool?

No, we do not have a pool.

Do you offer any Senior or Military Discounts?

You will find we are very reasonably priced and offer great value in terms of service & accommodations. We do not offer any discounts.

Can we have friends come by to visit us during our stay?

The Lodge is for the enjoyment of our registered guests. For the comfort and security of our guests, we ask that unregistered guests limit their onsite visit to a brief period of time. Management reserves the right to ask unregistered guests to depart the premises at any time for any reason.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard & Discover.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages to the lodge?

Yes. Consumption of alcoholic beverages at our facility is limited to registered guests only. We also ask that all our guests drink responsibly.

How do we use the BBQ patio?

The BBQ area is for use by registered guests. We supply plates, flatware, seasonings, BBQ sauces & cooking utensils. Clean-up of this facility is the responsibility of the guests using it. Please stop at the Lodge office for detailed information.

How do I book a wedding reception, reunion or retreat at the Lodge?

Please call the Lodge and we will send you our event agreement and arrange for a site visit.